We grow from life’s adversities. We survive and cope the best we can - but some of us get stuck in our shame and dissociate. 
This 30-day audio and e-learning program is for anyone who has been effected by adversity in their lives and would like to learn ways to nurture and self-care.
Simonette draws upon her own lived experiences that set her on a path of in-depth study and growth.


Returning to University to gain two degrees and post graduate studies in counselling, organisational psychology and clinical hypnosis and Insight meditation Teacher training; she has worked in diverse organisations with many people.  Simonette has been delivering wellbeing and creativity programs for people from all walks of life since the early ‘90s. 

Her work has focused on supporting people in distress for a variety of life circumstances, including helping people who have experienced trauma-related distress, either from supporting others or from being victims themselves. Compassionate Care and Mindfulness practices are integral to all of her work.

Simonette offers online full-day Creative Retreats, and half day retreats.  Creative Arts are the universal language, were we connect heart to heart.  Mindfulness meditations and creative expression are evidence-based approaches for people trying to cope with eating, sexual, relationship, body image or mental health difficulties.  Her audio and e.learning resources are filled with insights into mindfulness and compassionate self-care practices to nourish and sustain you - regardless of what is arising or has past in your life.

Simonette's CV


Dreaming, contemplation, meditation time all provide a deep rest physically, and usually an opportunity for personal insight and realisation about your connection to Nature and the quality of your relationships. As a psychologist I provide support and coaching to people who have experienced complex trauma, and traumatic life events. Pheonix rising is definitely a metaphor I relate to in my own life and those of the people I work with.


Compassionate ecology is a term I use to describe a way of dreaming up the best possible future, and that what your life's work becomes inspired from a place of compassion. Through developing your resilience and acknowledging your gifts to give, you can contribute in creative and ecologically significant ways. This Art piece reflects my connection with the feminine spirit of the Blue Mountains and her expression reminds me of that creative moment when I know my best possible future is right now.


Creative heART and Soul Retreats are a delicious treat to give to yourself - a full day of meditation and creative art processes 

Mind your heART

Sacred intimacy Art pieces 

These Art prints of sensual couples are perfect for your bedroom.  Position above your bed to bring you closer together on all levels: spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual the whole package.  I also have developed e.learning courses for couples and run regular WellBeing Retreats in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia​

Mindful Intimacy: Exquisite Sensuality 

Do you ever wonder "Isn't there something more?" in this series of online e.sensual study for couples you will  explore the mysteries of loving and dive deeper into your soulful union, heightening your sensuality and connecting on all levels. Connecting as One through the eyes of the heart and soul...includes powerful guided visualisations developed and spoken by Simonette Vaja Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mindfulness Coach