Often the most inspiring artistry comes from reaching into the depth of your emotional experiences. Soul Inspiration
Creative heART processes: How deep is your soul? - let your creativity flow freely into the truth of your unique Artistic expression. Narrative processes: Writing your own affirmations and intentions, Poetry and life stories. What are the stories that you live by? You will be amazed at your creations and a new vitality to be expressed in all you do.

Take a day for yourself to explore your creative side.  Simonette will guide you into a deeply inspired meditation and from this place you can see, hear, feel the wisdom and guidance for your life - the language of communication can be through words, poetry or lyrics of a song, or through the painting.  You will have a guided day of Being in your creative flow.

Lunch and refreshments are provided, you are invited to enjoy a  creative Artistry day.  All Art supplied .

Simply bring yourself. You can catch the train and arrange car pool to Medlow Bath or easy drive to Arcadia Creativity Retreat

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Megalong Valley in the World Heritage Blue Mountains. Weekend Mindfulness and Wellbeing retreats giving you time to relax deeply around horses and in Nature.  Small group meditation practices and many conversations.


Life is filled with surprises and changes.  Most of us are so busy we need to take those mini holidays.  Retreats creative into Nature are ideal for the busy lifestyler.  There is a time to rest, a time to get busy, a time to reinvent yourself, a time to work and a time to play....

Whenever you  spend time in Nature you can notice the therapeutic benefits - especially when you can see far and wide, the great expanse of trees that we have here in the Blue Mountains. Noticing the seasons and cycles of change.

At home, it may seem a lifetime that you have been in the cold dark night of despair and then suddenly one day the warmth reveals a new insight, a new idea forms in your mind.  You are probably in great need of some rest and rejuvination time.  Sometimes you can feel like history is repeating itself, "here I go again, the same issues just a different place or person".  When ever I hear someone ask "how many times before I get it?" I  suggest to them, that as we grow bolder we become more resilient and wise - and each time we come back to a similiar experience to think of it as a spiral, visiting a similiar place but with more insight and choice.  The seasons of Nature are an absolute truth of life. 


The sun rises and sets again we always have a new day and a new way.   Your time will come again to blossom and flourish. I believe in growth from adversity - often your greatest gifts have come from your greatest pain.  I hope to see you in the beautiful World Heritage Blue Mountains Wellbeing Retreats - loving your life Simonette Vaja

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