Wise Self Conversations audio

Wise Self Conversations audio


Embodied Wisdom - conversations with your Wise Self.

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A 10 session program that gifts you for a lifetime.

Description: Inner wisdom meditation guides you to connect to the pathway of your heart.  From deep within this inner focus you can connect with images, sensory impressions of your wise self...from this place you can ask questions, receive guidance.  This meditation has proven to be helpful to people through-out their lives and at significant transition points. 

You will need to have your own Art Pad and colours where you can write and paint your daily quotes of inspiration received from your Inner Wisdom.  Bringing this to your life, living your truth with integrity.  Embodied Wisdom is profoundly inspirational.  You can start this program when-ever it suits you - This is a wonderful gift to give yourself.  Learning each day to listen deeply to your inner guidance. 

You will receive the following to guide you on your practice:

You will receive:

1: Inner Wisdom guided meditation Mp3

2: PDF  Inner Wisdom Journal - Wise Self theory and practice guide

Over 50 pgs offering definitions and insights into your developing awareness of Self as, Shaman-Healer, three levels of consciousness; your field of awarness, Soul-Self discovery based on compassion, trust, and sensuality within your physical body, Presence and attention as a way to connect to your soul wisdom.  Scripts to guide your practice and journal spaces for your personal insights and entries.

3: Email questions to Simonette who will personally respond on receiving.

Simonette's audio lessons and guided meditation practices can be listen to as often as you wish. 

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