Exquisite Sensuality - Mindful Intimacy Course

Exquisite Sensuality - Mindful Intimacy Course


Exquisite Sensuality & Mindful Intimacy for Couples.

This is an e.program designed by Simonette Vaja. Exquisite Sensuality e.package includes an e.guidebook filled with exquisite intimacy practices and visualisations for you and your partner to enjoy.  This program is for everyone in a relationship who is wishing to deepen their experience of love and intimacy.  Especially helpful for those who have experienced trauma, pain or shock and have difficulty with intrusive thoughts, fantasies and fear around intimacy.

You will receive the following:

This program is multi-media -

1:  44 page illustrated journal titled Enjoy your Body - emotional nourishment and sensual delights - to work through together.


1:  Two guided meditation mp3 downloads of practices recommeded for couples -  Morning Meditation practice and Infinity breathing - to co-create inner harmony and cultivation of deep acceptance and appreciation for yourself, and  your partner.

2:   Email contact with Simonette, for Q an A with information and instructional practices and guided meditations to deepen your emotional intimacy and allow for vitality and passion to arise from your soulful connections.

3:  10 X 15 minute Audio mp3 downloads with instructions and guided meditations for daily practice.


These will arrive each day as a 10 day program - however, you can take your own time to work through this exquisite e.program. For example weekly practice or monthly practice.


You know the timing is perfect for both of you and you can start this program with the support of Simonette who has helped thousands of couples to enrich their relationships through loving acceptance and sensual expressions.