BODY IMAGE - sensual nourishment emotional delights


In the privacy of your own home: You will receive the following in your e.learning pack:

Exquisite Sensuality - Supreme Bliss

  1. The beginning practice - Chakra meditation to open your heart through embracing love 
  2. Discover how to direct your attention toward pleasure sensations
  3. Discover how to connect with your five senses like never before
  4. Awaken your body through breath and visualisation practices 
  5. Is it all in your mind? -
  6. Touching sacredness
  7. Practice makes perfect sensuality 
  8. Receive two guided visualisations (mp3 downloads) to practice at home
  9. Sacred intimacy - through the eyes of love

10. Receive your 10 day audio e.learning modules via email.  You can download mp3's to laptops only

Opportunities for Questions and Answers v.a email directly 

You can schedule your e.learning in your own time and complete the 10 modules. You can enjoy your practice alone or with your partner and take this into your life for life!


Simonette audio mp3 tracks will introduce you to Exquisite Sensuality with Instructional meditations to deepen your emotional intimacy and allow for vitality and passion to arise from your soulful connections. Once you have registered Simonette will contact you with further instructions and you are on your way to coming home to your body; to participate in your life in the most exquisite ways.  You will receive two mp3 guided visualisations for home assignments.  Simonette's entire series of guided visualisations can be found on www.cdbaby.com/artist/simonettevaja

Looking forward to sharing moments of supreme bliss