New Year Classes Making sense of Mindfulness - All welcome!

When we meditate together we grow in our capacity for calmness, self compassion and then compassionate activities. I call this compassionate ecology. We need more leaders in this world to be inspired by the driver compassion rather than financial wealth.

January 2019 we have an opportunity to meet each week on Zoom chat and meet wholehearted souls from around the globe. Sydney's early Monday morning and Europe's Sydney evening - I will be hosting a global meditation class. This is a casual drop in to begin with and we will all decide how we wish to move forward with our regular practice.

The theme will be mindfulness and compassion practices - we get to practice each week and cultivate self compassion and purpose. Simonette (me) I will be your host and mindfulness meditation guide. If you would like a taste of my meditations, I have more than 30 years recording and publishing guided meditations, and hosting retreats - most recently on Insighttimer app.

We will be touched by the synchronicity and serendipity weaving her way with this whole zoom meditation process. I envisage we will enjoy the flowing and connecting with these most amazing people - Please register here on my website. Once your name is registered you will receive a personal email from me, with the zoom ID link for our global meditation class.

I know there are a few of us already booked in and excited about this opportunity to sit together in the here and now, where ever we happen to be on this planet. How good is this!

I can feel serendipity at play, I look forward to seeing you alive on zoom, soon. We will be zooming together, seeing each other's faces and hearing each others voices and feeling the heartfelt love and acceptance. A sprinkle of love and inspiration, until we meet on zoom, I will be preparing much love and bliss Simonette

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