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Your lived experiences of loss and pain, despair and hope become treasured gifts to share as you hold your own circle of people together each week.  Naturally, facilitating and growing strong bonds of loyalty, trust and deep respect. Your lived experiences of shame and blame can bring joy and laughter - telling your stories through the creative arts is healing and restorative for everyone present in the circle and beyond.


Each week you will learn and witness the strong bonds forming with each creative practice.  Inspiration and support will  spread like the seeds in the wind, landing   in your homes, to your workplaces, to your land and to your communities. 

Everyone gets a turn to hold the space and experience contented moments resting in the heart of a safe circle of friends.

Each person in your circle holds the group for one month. The first week of each month is a ceremonial handing over to the new leader/facilitator.  You can be, you can not be, when you hold the space you are actively practising compassion and inclusion you have a turn to hold the space for your own creative expression -  circles gift back to you more than you could ever imagine. There is no beginner or advanced enlightenment - we are all on this journey together doing the best we can with what we have in our daily lives.

You are welcome in my heart and I accept you for who you are

You are welcome here!

How about we gather our stories and write, dance, sing, paint, create and collaborate?  How can we help each other to lead a fulfilling life?  We don't have to do it on our own and I know that from pain comes healing, growth and yes friendships.  Our vulnerability and creativity is how we connect with each other so deeply and soulfully. Online webinars and Zoom meetings, e.learning, e.books and audio lessons are all available.


Yes you can facilitate your own circles with the support of resources found here

Do you want to hold safe space for people to grow and be nourished? Not just a one off weekend experience - though we have these on offer.  The most effective way

to support people to lead fulfilling lives is to journey with them each week, same place, same time, somewhere easy to get to and grow strong and true bonds together. Yes this may be a group that meets in your office, or your home or even on a regular zoom call where you can open up to people from diverse locations.

DIY online retreats creative with Simonette - learn more 

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DIY Retreats

Do you love having holidays? ... weekend escapes, such as Airbnb do it yourself retreats? Are you like so many of us who need to learn to switch off the busy mind especially when it is bedtime?  Are you and your partner exploring mindful intimacy?   Guided Meditations are like mini retreats in your mind and I have been designing and delivering guided meditations for more than two decades - I invite you to brows through my website.   You can listen to my guided meditations as you visit the pages here and easy downloads from our secure shop. 


I have produced a large range of inspiring guided meditations, for sleep, anxiety, grief, and my new range for Couples -  Exquisite Sensuality e.learning programs I invite you to enjoy your body through deeper reflection with your self and your intimate relationship.  I am delighted to offer you these mindful intimacy practices to help create your most sacred meditation spaces. 

Meditation resource: Values in action Contemplation Card Deck.  Colourful meditation faces from diverse backgrounds painted by Simonette and produced as a 44 card deck to assist in your daily practices of living a fulfilled and authentic life.





12 hours ago in Beulaville, USA Mountain Climb for Strength and confidence - Guided Meditation

This was amazing. The visualization was a near-perfect replication of an actual experience I had at one of my favorite mountains in Alaska, Mt. Marathon, where my then-fiancé (now husband of 21+ years) and I used to hike. We even use those trips as our meeting places for dreams when we are separated on business. You described it with such vivid detail, it brought back all those feelings of peace, relaxation, contentment, and excitement of the rest of the climb to come. I had recalled the first three of those, but forgotten about the excitement of the challenge that the continued climb would bring. As I am working to expand some personal and professional opportunities for myself while dealing with new (in the last ten years) physical challenges, this meditation brought everything I needed together, and I now sit with tears of joy in my eyes and a renewed sense of peace and positive anticipation for what is to come, knowing deep in my heart and gut that it's OKAY to take a break to rest before continuing on. (I have had a lot of challenges allowing myself to do so since the onset of these medical issues.) Thank you so very, very much for sharing this with me and the world. I have bookmarked it and downloaded it as well for repeat listening. I see the light in you (through a misty, excited, nostalgic smile). 🤲❤️🤲

Simonette Vaja

10 seconds ago

OHHH!! Rebecca, I have goosebumps as I read your sharing here... I am delighted to share in this significant connection with yourself and your beloved... such a profound experience that our minds can bring "right back to us in the present" - much joy and nostalgia as you say... Blessings and abundance Simonette

Reviews guided meditations

5 months ago

Awesome fell asleep in about 15 mins. Unheard of for me

5 months ago in olympia, wa

So far haven't made it to the end, lulls me to sleep. Very soothing and very effective. 🙏

24 days ago in Sydney NSW, Australia

thank you for coming back and posting your positive review - bliss to your sweet dreams

5 months ago in Phoenix, AZ

Excellent! Very nice soothing voice. Thank you. ☮️💟🕉

24 days ago in Sydney NSW, Australia

I am so happy to read that you found this meditation soothing... so good for our body, mind and soul (and nervous system!) thank you Sim


3 months ago

This one gets me to sleep every time.

3 months ago in Sydney NSW, Australia

Ella, I am thrilled to read your feedback - it is so lovely to slip comfortably into sleep... so good for you! bliss and sweet dreams, Sim


Thank you for taking us on these trips full of treats for each of our senses, Sim🙏🏻✨🥰 
I love the way I feel during and after your guided meditations, the imagery I experience, the possibilities awakened.
Voice and pace just right. Soft background sounds. A couple wind-chime minutes at the end to languish in the experience. 
Loved it. 🌟♥️🌟.