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Reviews from listeners:

"A real gift. Lovely meditation that I can use and adapt myself anytime, anyplace. Just what I’ve been needing".


"My longest session ever. It was really enlightening and I never thought I will be able to do it but with the awesome guidance by this teacher, I was able to. Namaste, really appreciate this meditation"

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Thank you for this. I lost my younger sister last year and today was her birthday. It's one of the last of "the first without her" scenarios and was especially hard. This was incredibly beautiful and hit all the feels without adding to the overwhelm. I am definitely adding this to my arsenal of coping meditations. Danny

4 minutes ago Simonette responded

Danny, I am sorry to hear of your loss and hopeful that you found some comfort listening to this meditation - the "first times with out her and all the special occasions to come - you will miss her" Big warm open heart to you and sending you lots of loving care... Simonette